James River Regional Cleanup Sites

The 26th Annual James River Regional Cleanup will be held this year on Saturday, September 14, 9 a.m.-noon.  Please review the site descriptions for specific instructions for your site.  Consider bringing you’re your own water, work gloves and insect repellent. Supplies vary by site. Please email info@jrac-va.org if you have any questions.

Each of the following sites will be available for cleanup with limited capacity noted beside each location:

Appomattox and Buckingham Counties

James River State Park – Capacity 25 – Paddlers and Walkers
751 Park Road, Gladstone, VA 24553

James River State Park Cleanup

Volunteers will be collecting trash from the river and shoreline between Canoe Landing and Dixon Landing, which is approximately a two mile stretch of the James.  Volunteers can paddle or walk the shore.  Canoes will be provided, anyone requesting a canoe must have some paddling experience.  You are welcome to bring your own kayaks/canoes. Personal Floatation Device’s will be required and provided.

Special Note: Vehicles will be parked at Dixons Landing and drivers will be shuttled to Canoe Landing to begin cleanup. Cleanup will conclude at 1 p.m.

Chesterfield County

Dutch Gap Boat Landing and Conservation Area– Capacity 80 – Boaters needed!
441 Coxendale Road, Chester, VA 23831

Dutch Gap Volunteer

The Dutch Gap Boat Landing and Conservation Area provides excellent access for those wanting to clean up trash while walking or by boat. The Conservation Area is divided into two main sections. The first is accessed at the parking lot near the registration area. An easy and flat one-mile trail along the James River allows access to tidal beaches, wetlands and forest. It is a one-way (nonloop) trail. The second section of the conservation area is accessed by a 4.5-mile loop trail that circles a tidal lagoon and provides access to wetlands and forest. A shuttle will transport volunteers from the registration area to the trailhead of this section. The boat landing at the parking lot is on a broad and flat tidal section of the James River. It gives boaters access to many miles of riverfront and several small creeks. Motorized boats and paddle craft can access the river here. Paddle craft (canoes, kayaks, etc.) are ideal for some of the smaller creeks and shallower parts of the river that are not maintained for commercial navigation. There is plenty of deep water access for larger boats, as well.

City of Lynchburg

Percival’s Island – Capacity 40
1600 Concord Turnpike, Lynchburg, VA 24504

Percival Island

Percival’s Island is a familiar landmark in downtown Lynchburg. Volunteers will clean up all over the island, including along the water’s edge. Visitors may see herons, migrating waterfowl and many native plants and animals as they follow the paved trail. There is a flat, handicapped accessible, paved trail on the island. Percival’s Island is located at 1600 Concord Turnpike. Participants should use the entrance near Jefferson Street and Concord Turnpike.

City of Newport News

Hilton Beach  – Capacity 24
225 River Road, Newport News, VA 23607

Hilton Beach and Ravine are treasured nature areas owned and maintained by the City of Newport News.  Hilton Beach is directly behind Hilton Elementary School, 225 River Rd, Newport News, VA 23601.  The Hilton Ravine is a natural green space area adjacent to the school.  Stormwater from nearby neighborhoods is routed through the Hilton Ravine and piped directly into the James River at Hilton Beach.  Two large stormwater outfall pipes are a prominent feature of Hilton Beach.  A popular fishing pier is located at the northwest side of the beach.

Huntington Beach – Capacity 40
361 Hornet Circle, Newport News, VA 23607

Huntington BeachHuntington Park, features a 60-acre park with public beach and public boat ramp, 2002 American Rose City rose garden, picnicking, ball fields, and playground. Total riverfront area is approx. 1900 ft. There are two sections of the riverfront area that need attention. There is an easily accessible beach and public boat ramp that is family friendly. The other area is between the stormwater ditch and the boat ramp. This is a steep hill that has rip rap at the base. This area can be accessed from the top but it is at a steep angle. It can also be accessed by kayak. Trash grabbers, gloves and bags will be provided. Bring your own boats and flotation devices.

City of Petersburg

Rotary Park at Pocahontas Island – Walkers – Capacity 25
149 Rolfe St., Petersburg, VA 2380

Rotary Park at Pocahontas Island is a passive recreation area along the Appomattox River.  The area includes a trail, covered picnic area, and natural gravel canoe take-out.  The Appomattox River is a major tributary of the James River.  Volunteers will cleanup trash from the Park and shoreline area, from the Appomattox River Trail to the east of the Park toward the I95 overpass. Gloves, some grabbers, and trash bags provided.  Please bring your water, snacks, and insect repellent. Wear sturdy, closed toe shoes.

City of Richmond

Belle Isle – Walkers – Capacity 40
300 Tredegar St., Richmond, VA 23219

Belle Isle

The main access to Belle Isle in Richmond is by pedestrian footbridge from Tredegar St. on the north shore (zip code 23219). Parking tends to be crowded at Tredegar St. on weekends — about 50 spaces. Children volunteers must be supervised.  This cleanup is co-sponsored by Clean Virginia Waterways of Longwood University.  Bags and data cards will be provided at a table near the Tredegar Street parking lot.  Please bring your own water, gloves and snacks.  Show up ANYTIME between 9 – 10:30 a.m. Cleanup will end about 12:30 p.m.

Pony Pasture Rapids – Paddlers welcome! – Capacity 30
7200 Riverside Drive, Richmond, VA 23225

Pony Pasture Cleanup

Pony Pasture Rapids is part of the James River Park System and is a natural park within the city limits of Richmond. The waters at Pony Pasture Rapids are excellent for wading, depending on the river level, and there is plenty to clean up along the shoreline and the many trails throughout the park. It’s an excellent place for paddlers in kayaks and canoes to float the river between Huguenot Flatwater and Pony Pasture Rapids. There are plenty of small islands that can always use some sprucing up.

Goochland County

Tucker Park at Maiden’s Landing – Paddlers and Walkers – Capacity 25
1300 Maidens Road, Goochland, VA 23102

Tucker Park

Tucker Park is located along the James River with about 35 acres of open space on either side of Route 522. The western portion of the park is made up of a mile-long walking trail, environmental outdoor classroom, stage/amphitheater, dog park, playground, archery park, non-motorized boat launch, horseshoe pits, and picnic areas. A pedestrian bridge connects both sides of the park under Route 522. The park is frequented by many County residents and needs to be cleaned up often, as well as the park’s river banks. Litter cleanup is also needed along nearby roads.

Henrico County

Osborne Park and Boat Landing – Boaters needed! – Capacity 30
9680-B Osborne Turnpike, Henrico, VA 23231Osborne Boat Landing Cleanup

Osborne Park and Boat Landing is located on the lower, tidal portion of the river in eastern Henrico.  It is predominantly a site for boaters due to the outstanding launch facility located at the park.  Cleanup times for this location are between 9 – 11 a.m.  Boaters and walkers please check in with site staff.  Please bring your own gloves, insect repellant and sunscreen.  Trash bags, litter grabbers, vests water and snacks will be provided.